Real estate in Nieuwpoort: a safe and interesting investment

Real estate is one of the safest investments. And that's sure for real estate in Nieuwpoort. First of all, because you buy by the coast. Secondly because Nieuwpoort step by step settled down into the top of Belgian coast cities. Buying an apartment or villa in Nieuwpoort remains an interesting investment. Definitely if you know which infrastructural improvements Nieuwpoort is undergoing.

Inviting and dynamical coast city

Nieuwpoort is hot. Recently Nieuwpoort has undergone many changes that gave the city a young, trendy and dynamical look. Combine this with a rich history and historical beach architecture and you understand the attractiveness of Nieuwpoort. The charm of the inner city, the center bursting with life and the yacht-basin are some of the ingredients that constitute a whole entity. In addition, Nieuwpoort has the title of "Capital of the fresh fish". It is not surprising that the bronze turtle "Searching for Utopia" of Jan Fabre has found his haven here at the beach of Nieuwpoort.

Nieuwpoort = taste the best of the coast …

Those who buy a villa or apartment in Nieuwpoort, also receive nature and relaxation. Here you can ride a bike, walk, do water sports or just relax. Visiting the villages of the polders, a walk during the evening on the splendid sea bank, bike along the Ijzer, relax on the wide beach or go for a stroll in the inner city. Too much to mention. Come in for advice.

At any time of the year

Nieuwpoort is a city for all seasons. At any time of the year you can enjoy nature and culture.